welcome to my blog

Hey gorgeous! If no one has told you this today, you are so deserving of everything you want in life– oh, and also your butt looks good 😉

Welcome to my blog! Here is where I will be sharing everything from fashion or beauty recommendations, to wedding planning adventures, my past experiences with toxic past relationships, and how I used what I learned to attract my now fiancé! So basically I’m just sharing my life as a 2o-something trying to figure out life adulting and how to be happy in it! I have always enjoyed writing, and it has been a form of therapy for me over the years, dating back to when DIARIES were a thing. Back then, it was writing cringy songs about my crush and documenting whatever my 4th grade ass was stressed about on some random Tuesday. Now, thankfully, it has evolved to this, which I’m hoping is a lot less embarrassing than those pages in my middle school diary hahahaha. I appreciate you being here and can’t wait to share future blog posts with you! xoxo Em