About Me

          Hiiii! I’m Emily Grace, and I’m so happy you’re here! So a little bit about me. I started my Instagram my freshmen year of college as a means to express my love for beauty and feel a little less lonely in my dorm that was 7 hours away from home. 3 years later, my little page has brought me so much purpose and fulfilment as I have pivoted my platform away from beauty and towards topics that are more ~real~ and important to me.


Now, I still share all the fun, everyday things that make me happy, like home decor, beauty, and affordable fashion, but I feel my true purpose on this corner of the internet is to share hard to talk about topics and real life, like my experience with toxic and abusive relationships. Spoiler alert, I got my happy ending and am now engaged to the best man I’ve ever met!! I love doing videos with Kaleb, my fiancé, on my Instagram as we share how our relationship works, communication advice for other couples, and how past relationships have shaped us into the partners we are today, for each other.






Even though I am personally over the hurdle of finding someone who treats me right, I want to use my experiences to help others see the red flags I put my blinders up for, and reclaim their worth by getting out of those relationships. My goal is to inspire you to live for yourself and HONESTLY love yourself, because you deserve that. xoxo