About Me

          Nice to meet you! I’m Emily Smith, soon to be Emily Vargo, and I’m so excited that you’re here! I’m a lifestyle blogger living in Columbus, Ohio, and I’m happily engaged to my fiancé Kaleb. The goal of my social channels and blog is to help other young women who are now in the shoes I used to be in– on an endless search to find ” the one” or someone else to make them happy. My job is to help them become their most confident, independent selves through achieving true self-love and happiness , setting boundaries, as well as healing past traumas and acknowledging our own problematic tendencies.


My thought is that if we don’t work on these things, we risk inserting ourselves into relationships that don’t serve us or make us better– and instead put our mental health or even physical health and safety in jeopardy. 








Even though I am personally over the hurdle of finding someone who treats me right, I want to use my experiences to help others see the red flags I put my blinders up for, and reclaim their worth by getting out of those relationships. My goal is to inspire you to live for yourself and HONESTLY love yourself, because you deserve that. xoxo